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Captain Scarlet 2068

Spectrum Agents

Spectrum Agents
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Other Machinery

Information on all Spectrum Colour Coded Personnel

1. Colonel White
Real Name: Charles Gray
Pos: Suporeme Commander in Chief
DOB: 14 July 2017
Born: London, ENG
History: Former Supreme Commander of The USS
2. Captain Scarlet
Real Name: Paul Metcalfe
Pos: Spectrum Agent Number One
DOB: 17 December 2036
Born: Winchester, ENG
History: Youngest ever Colonel of The WAAF
3. Captain Blue
Real Name: Adam Svenson
Pos: Field Agent
DOB: 26 August 2035
Born: Boston, USA
History: Former Test  Pilot and Field Agent of The WAS
4. Leiutenant Green
Real Name: Seymour Griffiths
Pos: Lieutenant, Computer Expert, Comms. Officer
DOB: 18 January 2041
Born: Port of Spain, Trinidad
History: Several High Ranking posts with The WASP
5. Captain Brown
Real Name: Unknown
Pos: Ex-Field Agent
DOB: Unknown
Born: London, ENG
History: Killed in Action whilst with Spectrum
6. Captain Ochre
Real Name: Richard Fraser
Pos: Field Agent
DOB: 23 February 2035
Born: Detriot, USA
History: Chose Spectrum over Supreme Commander post at the WGPC
7. Captain Magenta
Real Name: Patrick Donaghue
Pos: Field Agent
DOB: 17 May 2034
Born: Dublin, Ireland
History: Former leader of the number one Crime Syndicate in New York

8. Captain Grey
Real Name: Bradley Holden
Pos: Field Agent
DOB: 4 March 2033
Born: Chicago, USA
History: Former Lieutenant Commander of WASP
9. Captain Black
Real Name: Conrad Turner
Pos: Ex-Field Agent, Now Mysteron Agent
DOB: 17 March 2029
Born: Manchester, ENG
History: Killed in action with Spectrum, Former Colonel of WSP
10. Doctor Fawn
Real Name: Edward Wilkie
Pos: Spectrum Supreme Medical Commander
DOB: 10 July 2031
Born: Yalumba, AUS
History: Former Administrator for the Advancement of Medicine in the WMO
11. Destiny Angel
Real Name: Juliette Pontoin
Pos: Angel Pilot
DOB: 23 August 2040
Born Paris, France
12. Harmony Angel
Real Name: Chan Kwan
Pos: Angel Pilot
DOB: 19 June 2042
Born: Tokyo, JAP
13. Melody Angel
Real Name: Magnolia Jones
Pos: Angel Pilot
DOB: 10 January 2043
Born: Atlanta, USA
14. Rhapsody Angel
Real Name: Dianne Simms
Pos: Angel Pilot
DOB: 27 April 2043
Born: London, England
15. Symphony Angel
Real Name: Karen Wainwright
Pos: Angel Pilot
DOB: 6 January 2042
Born: Cedar Rapids, USA