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Captain Scarlet 2068

Spectrum Weapons

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Other Machinery

This Page contains details on all Spectrum Weapons from the original series.

1. Spectrum Issue Pistol - All colour coded officers carry their own colour coded pistol. It is capable of a 14 shell magazine. This rapid-fire gun is triggered by pressing in the gun's handle.
2. SPV Power Jet Pack - Used as power for the spv, or as a jet pack which can last for many hours. Is capable of sharp manouvres.
3. C.38 Mysteron Detector - Can identify mysterons by means of x-rays. Similar to a camera, the lightweight device gives an x-ray image. The result is positive if the suspect's image is not in x-ray form.
4. Mysteron Gun - High voltage electrical gun which is held with the aid of shoulder harnesses. Has two large barrels which contain electrical charge.