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Captain Scarlet 2068

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This Page contains details on all Spectrum Vehicles from the original series.

Cloudbase - Spectrum headquater, has main control area, 2 runways, a helipad, sick bay, and quarters where Spectrum personnel stay.
Spectrum Patrol Car - Spectrum saloon capable of over 200mph and can carry 2 passengers and a driver. It is rear engined with a large tailfin. The colour is always red.
Spectrum Maximum Security Vehicle - Used to transport VIP's to their destinations safely. Contains many essentials so it can be lived in for several days. Used in conjunction with 2 Spectrum Patrol Car's to form a motorcade.
Spectrum Passenger Jet - Can carry 12 passengers and a 2 person crew. Is equipped with air to air missiles and can travel at twice the speed of sound.
Spectrum Persuit Vehicle - Amphibious armoured vehicle capable of 200mph. Drivers face backwards and drive using TV monitors. The SPV has missiles, and has a power pack which can be used as a jet pack. The vehicle has ejector seats, similar to that of an aircraft.
Angel Interceptor - Used by the Spectrum Angels. Can reach speeds of mach 3.5 and has air to air and air to ground missiles as wel as machine guns. Can take off and land vertically. They are kept on clousbase's Flight Deck area.
Octane Tanker - Alternative to the MSV, where secrecy is a priority. Can transport several passengers in comfort.
Spectrum Radar Truck - Equipped with geiger counters and other tracking devices, these trucks can detect an object or person with several different methods. Operated by a trained crew.
Spectrum Helicopter - Can carry 4-5 passenger and their crew. Has machine guns equipped and can travel short-medium distances.